A home for your most prized machine

Developing premium hangars at high-potential airports nationwide

Why Sky Harbour?

Our exclusive-use hangars offer the most appealing way to house your aircraft


Our premium hangars protect your aircraft from high-risk movements in gang hangars thereby eliminating hangar rash that causes costly downtime and needless maintenance. We eliminate exposure to hazardous weather conditions and assure your aircraft is only moved with your permission. 


Our hangars are completely private. Only owners and crew have access to the cockpit, cabin, and exterior. Utilize your exclusive hangar space as a personal place of solitude to not only store your plane but also relax or entertain guests before takeoff. A private aircraft deserves a private home.

Comfort & Functionality

More than just a hangar for aircraft, we also offer enclosed spaces for vehicle parking, climate control, and WiFi. Sky Harbour developments may also provide access to office space, a pilot lounge, kitchen, and private bathrooms.

Return on Investment

Storage in a Sky Harbour Hangar will ensure that your aircraft maintains its value and requires less maintenance. The Sky Harbour hangar experience enhances aircraft ownership by providing a seamless transition between time spent on deck and taking flight.

Modern. Safe. Trusted.

Founded and operated by aviation industry professionals with over 50 years of experience, our hangars have all been thoughtfully designed with innovative features to provide an unparalleled experience for aircraft owners. Functional and modern, our hangar spaces are not only what your aircraft needs to be housed safely, but what your aircraft deserves.

We offer multiple hangar options to fit your specific needs. If you own a plane you fly on weekends, service private jet travel, or require space for corporate flight departments, we have something just for you.


High-quality steel hangars ideal for light GA aircraft

Executive Box Hangars

High-end box hangars ideal for small and mid-size turbine aircrafts

Premium Box Hangars

Elite private hangars well suited for full-size business jets

Sky Harbour Founders

Harry Macklowe

  • Renowned creator of modern architectural icons like:
    • The Apple Cube
    • 432 Park Avenue, NYC
    • Metropolitan Tower, NYC
  • One of the most acclaimed property-developers in the United States, with a track record spanning more than half a century

Tal Keinan

  • Founder of Clarity Capital, a $2 Billion Asset Management Firm
  • 18-year military aviation veteran with over 100 combat sorties in the F-16
  • Active General Aviation pilot since 1998